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Rhinoplasty Clinic

I believe in super specialization. It is the only way to get the best results. That's why I only operate on the face. Within the face, the nose is my passion. Nasal surgery doesn't just change your nose, it changes you as a person.

Natural result

I truly believe in a natural result after surgery. For the nose this means a more beautiful, less obvious and natural looking nose. The goal is a better version of your nose now. I also find it important to incorporate the patient’s desires and expectations. That is why I continuously post my results on Instagramevery week.

Volunteer work

Each year, as a volunteer for the Operation Smile foundation, I operate in Africa on children with a cleft lip or facial abnormality. We give these children a new chance in life; with a treatment they would otherwise never have received.

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Instagram is my favorite Social Media channel. Here I like to share results and testimonials of patients. But you shouldn't be surprised if a TikTok challenge comes along every now and then.


Dr. Bart Stubenitsky is a very friendly, caring and compassionate person. He really strives for the highest possible result and is honest about what to expect. I would recommend him to everyone.