About Dr Bart Stubenitsky

I am Dr. Bart Stubenitsky: plastic surgeon, specialized in the face, with a passion for noses. In addition to my work at the Dr Bart Clinic in Amsterdam, I spend time every year in Africa, where we operate on children with cleft lips and burns for the Operation Smile Foundation.

My conviction

I believe in super specialization, only then will you get the best results. Within the face, the nose is my passion. The nose is central focal point of your face. Nasal surgery doesn't just change your nose, it also changes you as a person.

My results

Every surgeon has his own style. Plastic surgery is a combination of technique and artistic insight. I believe in a natural result. For the nose, this means a more beautiful, less obvious and natural nose. A better version of your nose now. I also want you to know what to expect. That's why I post my results on Instagram every week. This way you can assess whether my style matches your wishes.

  • Born in Washington DC
  • Raised in Kenya and Luxembourg
  • Plastic Surgery in Utrecht
  • Facial super-specialization in Toronto
  • Working at the Dr Bart Clinic in Amsterdam
  • Volunteer work for Operation Smile
  • Registration nr. 19049113301

Do you want to know more?

If you would like to receive more information about what a rhinoplasty could mean for you, you can contact me via the form below to make an appointment.