If you fill in your information on this page and add the requested photos, I can review the material and let you know if I can help you. The clinic will then contact you to schedule a consultation. During the visit, I will show you how the result can be based on edited photos of your own nose and I will explain the operation.

On instagram you can already see the noses operated by me as an example of my style! @dr_bartclinic.

It goes without saying that your data will be treated completely confidentially.

Waiting time for a consultation is approximately 2 months.

If you have not received a response within 10 days, please check your spam.

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Photo upload


  • Photos without makeup. Hair pulled back neatly.
  • With a completely relaxed face, looking straight ahead.
  • The whole face including the ears and neck up to the collarbones should be visible.

Note: Maximum 3 MB per photo!

Operation report upload

If you have had surgery on your nose before, please enclose the operation report.

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